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About Us

One of the premier teacher-training institutions, Deep International College of Education stands out as an epitome of learning. Incorporated in the year 2007, DICE provides the idealenvironment, conducive not only to learning, but also functioning as a knowledge hub, where a student is considered an asset.

Right from its inception, the Institute was nurtured as a full- fledged College of Education. Students are trained to face the challenges posed by a dynamic environment and depict qualities of leadership. DICE goes far beyond offering a teacher eduction degree; it grooms future Nation-Builders.

At DICE, cognizant, competent and confident teachers are created, and the dynamism of the education world is met through a constant transformation of the delivery methods to respond to the societal needs.

To cope and keep pace with the fast changing and transforming education and social sceanario the curriculam and corresponding activities are constantly reviewed.This in turn provides the fertile posture to create the potential future leaders. Over the years the Institute has created Intellectual capital and has carved a niche for itself in the field of teacher-education amongst the leading Teacher Education-Schools in India.

In nutshell, the Institute develops an ideal blend of teaching acumen and academic intellect that are so vitally needed to meet the contemporary challenges of the business environment.